The Story

Cassandra must venture to an alien home world to avert the destruction of the human colony Planet, Consortia. Will she opt for peace or bloodshed?

Book cover, Harbinger of Treason. Author Bayard West. Woman in spacesuit with helmet stands beneath the prototype warship, Harbinger, which itself is parked in a military launch bay on Earth, 200 story skyscrapers in the background, orange setting sun, and a Lackland Airforce Base neon sign on the control tower. Artwork by Lazar Kacarevic.

Harbinger of Treason

Praise for Harbinger of Treason:
“This story is action-packed, fast-paced, intelligently plotted and features an undeniably endearing heroine; it’s solid science fiction through and through. SF fans should be aware, however, that the mind-blowing cliffhanger at novel’s end will leave them pulling their hair out waiting for the sequel.”

—BlueInk Review


Starship pilot Cassie Hague has left her ruined military career behind, resorting to boxing and flying civilian transports to pay rent on her tiny bunkbed in the Mars space station. When a charming shipbuilder romances her and shows her his prototype frigate, a spy unleashes a deadly extortion plot to steal the prototype—with her in the pilot seat. To save the ship, she must elude an artificial intelligence – an admiral with an entire fleet and only one goal: take her ship and her life.

Book Cover with title Harbinger of Paradox, Book Two of Harbinger Series, author Bayard West and image of Moon with city being torn apart

Harbinger of Paradox

Ensign Cassandra Hague awakens to find herself tied to the underside of a military octocopter in a deserted hanger. Her last memory is of evading the missiles of an alien fleet and the terrifying realization that the aliens are following a courier drone to her location on the colony planet, Consortia.


Her command – a prototype frigate – is the only craft capable of reaching the enemy home world in time to negotiate a peace, but she would have to escape her captors, venture to the center of the galaxy, and overcome the time paradox her lover programmed into the starship’s drive.