The Story - A young starship pilot falls victim to extortion, stealing a prototype warship in exchange for her best friend’s life…

The Story

Disgraced starship pilot Cassandra Hague pays for her tiny bunk on the Mars space station by flying transport missions to Earth and, when money is really tight, boxing. Her military career over, Cassie’s combat-flying skills atrophy. That is until a Consortian spy threatens to kill her boyfriend Dakota unless she defects with a technology-heavy starship.

Cassie has no intention of handing over the starship Harbinger, but without friends that believe her, options are limited. She and Dakota take the craft and flee the solar system. As a traitor, Cassie counted on being pursued by her own military. What she didn’t count on was the spy joining forces with the Consortian’s most psychopathic artificial mind, Admiral Sebastian Protocol, to chase her down.