Harbinger – Consortian Universe

Head Modifications (Headmods)

Headmods are genetically engineered tissue in the human brain that form an organic transmitter and receiver, connecting the mind to the Social Network (SOCNET) computer systems that humans have grown so reliant upon. Headmods listen to the subject of our conversations and give us constant encyclopedic updates shown as text seemingly suspended in mid-air. The brain’s sensory input is augmented so that we see, hear, taste, smell, and even feel another layer of reality that the computers tell us is there. For example, toddlers are given blocks to play with that are virtual – only existing in computers. But to the child, they are as real as any block made of wood, falling over when pushed and even getting scratched over time. One can customize their surroundings with virtual objects from a gallery. Virtual clothing is available for purchase.

Headmods (continued)

Subvocalization is a feature of headmods that allow someone to message another person without raising their voice to an audible level. It’s like whispering to someone in Statuary Hall in the US Capital Building (see pre-alliance governments). All of our senses are transmitted to SOCNET for replay at anytime. There’s even a religion, ZCRAM, that’s formed around the practice of streaming one’s sensory experiences to a church elder, presumably to guarantee adherence to church guidelines.

The genetically engineered tissue in a person’s brain and the computers that the individual connects to are together referred to as an Exocortex. The modern-day exocortex is a feat of neural engineering designed by Dr. Oswald Richtofen – the brother of renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Henry Richtofen (see superluminal drive / faster-than-light travel).


The Harbinger is a tech-laden prototype frigate designed by Master Shipbuilder Dakota Owen Simms and fabricated at the Mars MS-17 orbital shipyards. One-tenth the size of a typical frigate, the Harbinger packs in a full array of armaments thanks to its unique macro-assembler fabrication. The ship is capable of surface landing and takeoff. The Harbinger has an unorthodox, sleek design and a (virtual) transparent dome atop the forward command section.

The Harbinger-class warship is capable of 4 Gs of reverse thrust and can develop 10 Gs of forward thrust via conventional drive. Its Higgs-Boson gravity generators can counter 4 Gs. The top speed of its superluminal drive remains classified. Defensive systems include two wing-mounted Technal 5011e series gun turrets firing 60,000 depleted uranium rounds per second. Offensive weapons include missiles and rail-guns (specs classified).